Our Services

Our service offerings range from full service management to consulting to targeted products or services which meet your businesses specific requirements. We can help you determine which of our service and product offerings best satisfy your unique business requirements.

We take an engineering approach to managing your systems, from identifying your requirements, to creating a system specification, all the way through design, finally ending in deployment. Once we review a site, we develop a 'work off' plan to bring the system into compliance with industry best practices and lessons learned as well as aligning your system with your business requirements in a seamless fashion. From that point, we manage the system as a production entity complete with event and security monitoring, alert generation and issue mitigation, reporting, patching, and preventative maintenance. To complete the life-cycle, we refresh your technology and decommission end-of-life assets when the time comes.

Full System Management Our service agreement includes the following features:

  • Server Management
  • Workstation Management
  • Application Management
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware installation and update management
  • Information security assurance
  • Unlimited end user assistance

Premium offerings We also offer a full line of additional services to help augment our current maintainence offering.

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